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2010-01-14 21:07:52 by MrWhiplash

My bro(not blood) Stephen Jerzack just got signed by universal, look him up, great music man

hurt feelings...

2010-01-03 23:34:57 by MrWhiplash

recently I came to this site, talked a lot of shit
and left with hurtful words, also recently there was a death in my family,
right after that event, I believe(being a member of the american Hindu society) that it was a cause of Karma, I am a VERY holy man, and wish too reach nirvahna...I do not whish to have so much Karma pent up against me, this is my apology to all those people, but most of all to Emsee Mercury. I am changing my ways, and I will not bother anyone from this point on.

I am not here to step on toes, I am here to get my music heard, to leave an impression.

With that, I will close, I apologize deeply for my actions, I hope you will see the better man in me now.